C8437 Scalextric Adjustable speed hand controller

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Scalextric ARC Adjustable Analogue Hand Controller
This hand controller is ONLY suitable for use with
- Scalextric ARC ONE power bases (C8433) OR
- Scalextric 2015 powerbase systems (C8545). (Sets produced 2015 onwards)

Please note 2018 or newer sets have a different controller design (with 4 speed settings) but this controller pictured should work as it has a square plug also.

This Hand Controller is NOT suitable for use with
- Scalextric Sport System (pre 2015 sets)
- Scalextric Digital                                                                                                               - older analogue power bases.

Please check the connection on your powerbase before purchasing.
This controller is for powerbases with square holes and not with powerbases that have circle holes.

Hand Controller could have either red or blue handles