Vacation Care

Yes, we specialise in Vacation care groups at the raceway.

We have a premises right opposite a park, which has swings & slides etc. 
Which makes an ideal venue to race on the tracks & then have a lunch or 
morning tea over in the Park.
We can cater up to 50 children at any one time. We did have 100 to one Vac 
care. They split them up into 2 groups, each group played cricket in the 
park for an hour & then swapped over.

We run 2 hour vac care groups. We hold a fully fledged race meeting on one 
of the large 6 tracks, with lap counters & timers etc.
We can split them into 2 groups, a junior group & a senior group with gold , 
silver & bronze medals for the winners of each group.

Cost per head for vac care groups of 20 or more is $7.00 per head per hour..

Cost per head for vac care groups of under 20 (minimum 12) is $9.00 per head.

Hope we can help you.

Please call me on 0418 823908 for more details.