C4224 Scalextric Jaguar XJS Spa Police Car

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Despite its somewhat limited load carrying ability, a number of different Police forces used the XJS for brief amounts of time in trails to test its effectiveness as a motorway patrol vehicle. One such police force was Warwickshire Constabulary who trialled this particular machine on the M6 during the early 1980s. However, it was not a machine they then used operationally after this time! Yet, the XJS with its police lights and powerful V12 would have been a real match for any would be crook or speeder on the motorway, and the same is certainly true on the Scalextric track.

Scale: 1:32
Age Suitability: 5+

Digital Plug Ready (Plug not included)
Easy Change Pick-ups
Flashing Lights
High Detail
Working Headlights
Working Rear Lights