SW16 Gulf Racing extended set

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This is a great set. We have extended the Gulf Racing set layout to include a figure of eight. This ensures each car has equal lane length.

This is a brand new Scalex World set with all items being produced by Scalextric. All cars and items contained in the set are new and unused. The only difference is that the track has been extended.

At an affordable price, this is a fantastic first set.  You can easily expand the track further by purchasing track pieces and accessories from our website. This set also contains a lap counter. 

This set has new hand controllers with 4 speed settings. This helps the cars stay on the track as the kids get used to racing. Cars provided in the set are crash resistant and suitable for young kids.

This set is supplied complete with all you need to race. Cars, controllers, power base, power supply and track sections. 

Please Note: 

This is a Scalex World Set. The box may have a different cover and the cars shown on the box cover may be replaced with other similar new cars. 

2 x Gulf start Cars
2 x Speed limiter hand controllers
1 x Transformer
Track pieces
8 x Straights
4 x R2 90 Curves (8x R2 Curves)
2 x R2 Curves
2 x Bridge Supports
1 x Powerbase straight
1 x Lap counter straight

Technical Specification & Detail of Cars
Hand Controllers have 4 speed settings to regulate the power available to the cars.
Easy Change Guide Flags
Super-Resistant Cars
Lap Counter included

Set Information
Age Suitability       5+