SW08C LMP set

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Great startup set for Endurance racing.

This is a brand new Scalex World set. All cars and items contained in the set are new and unused Scalextric. 

At an affordable price, this is an ideal first start up set for fans of Endurance racing. You can easily expand the track by purchasing track pieces and accessories from our website. 

This set is supplied complete with all you need to race. Cars, controllers, power base, power supply and track sections.

Please Note:

This is a Scalex World Set. The box will have a different cover, but the cars shown on the box cover are removed and replaced by LMP cars. 

2 x LMP cars (Brand new)

Track pieces
1 x Straight
1 x Powerbase half straight
1 x Half straight
6 x R2 90° curve (12 R2 Curves)
4 x R2 45° curve
2 x Hand controllers with speed limiter settings
1 x Transformer

Technical Specification & Detail of Cars
Easy Change Pick-ups

Set Information
Space Required  191cm x 132cm
Age Suitability       5+