C1436 Scalextric ARC PRO Wireless Digital Pro Platinum GT Set

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• Premium digital app race control (ARC) system
• Includes 4x Wireless Controllers & 4x Digital Cars 
• Multiple car racing (up to 6 cars) 

Scalextric ARC PRO; the digital slot car race control system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld smart device. Using Scalextric’s revolutionary new ARC Pro powerbase in conjunction with the ARC app, users can seamlessly merge the excitement of real time, on-track racing, with the thrill of on-screen game play.

ARC PRO takes racing to the ultimate level with multi car racing up to 6 cars, lane changing, separate pit lane stop, KERS as well as variable weather conditions, tyre wear, fuel usage, brakes and post-race statistics.

This set features 4 modern GT racers going head to head.
1x Mustang GT4
1x Aston Martin GT3
1x Corvette C8R
1x Mercedes GT3

ARC PRO has the following features
Lane changing & overtaking
Multi car racing (up to 6 cars)
Wireless Controllers
Braking button for more control
Variable weather conditions
Arcade mode power ups
8 Race modes including grand prix, endurance and pace car
Race customization including pit stops, jump starts and race end types.

Bluetooth / device compatibility requirements
Bluetooth version - 4.0 BLE or higher
Android OS - 4.4.2 onwards (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4 and up)
Apple OS - iOS 5.0 onwards (e.g. iPhone 4S and up)

Tech Specs
Space Required: 400 X 152cm
Track Length: 918cm
Scale: 1:32
Layout includes a pit lane, a starter grid and 2x change lane track pieces